Current IAFR Project: Bibles for Refugees

Posted by Kaylee K on Thursday, September 8, 2011 Under: Global Ministry

The Need:  Few churches in Kakuma refugee camp (Kenya) have access to more than a handful of Bibles.

The Goal:  One Bible per refugee household. We will initially focus the project on the needs in Kakuma refugee camp and later expand the project to assist refugee churches in other locations.

The Strategy:  IAFR is asking Christian households to gift a Bible to a refugee household. The Bible will strengthen their faith. The gift will let them know that they are not forgotten by the church at large.

The Challenge: Contribute today! For every donation of US $10 designated for Bibles for Refugees, IAFR will gift a Bible to a refugee household in Kakuma refugee camp.

Visit to learn more and donate.

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