Help a Child of Conflict through World Vision

Posted by Kaylee K on Wednesday, June 27, 2012 Under: Global Ministry
Around the world conflict impacts millions of children -- they are orphaned, impoverished, forced into warfare and into slavery. But you can help. World Vision provides programs to help these children transition back into society and back into their families when possible. 

Your monthly gift of $20 can help one child after another escape a life of horror.

Each month, you'll help provide critical care for children and communities terrorized by war and conflict in places like Colombia, Rwanda, Sudan and Uganda. Your support will meet urgent needs such as:

  • Trauma counseling and rehabilitation
  • Access to clean water, nutritious food, and health care
  • Protection and support for children living alone
  • Peacebuilding activities to help foster conflict resolution
  • Advocacy programs to prevent the abduction of children into armed conflict

    You'll also help ensure children are reunited with their parents, whenever possible, following their rehabilitation.

    Together we can help save these vulnerable children, one by one.

    Become a Child Crisis Partner today.
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