Lost At Sea: Refugees' Dangerous Journey to Malta and Italy

Posted by Kaylee K on Friday, July 13, 2012 Under: Europe
As shared by Tom Albinson with IAFR: 
‎"So far in 2012, over 1,300 people have arrived by boat from Libya in Italy. A boat, reportedly carrying 50 Eritreans and Somalis, is currently at sea. They refused to be rescued by Maltese military forces yesterday.

Over 1,000 people on 14 boats have arrived in Malta from Libya so far this year. Two other boats were intercepted by Maltese authorities, but the majority elected not to be rescued 
and continued to Italy.

UNHCR Italy estimates that so far this year some 170 people have been declared dead or lost at sea attempting to make the journey from Libya to Europe."


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