Protest closes Lampedusa refugee center (Italy) (repost from IAFR news announcement)

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11 injured as refugee reception center burned down by protesters
Italy | 26 September 2011
The following update was circulated by email today by the Alleanza Evangelica Italiana.
"The political situation of North-African countries is still unsettled and the flux of refugees coming especially from Lybian shores has been going on throughout the summer, though in a decreasing way. Last week, Lampedusa island was again on the news because the refugee center there was burnt by the a group of 'guests' that protested against the slow process of the bureaucratic procedures in order to ask for asylum. As a result, they were all expelled the day after! More than 800 people were taken back to Tunisia and now the center will be closed to be rebuilt. It is expected that Lampedusa will not be any longer to destination of boats or ships with migrant people on board. They will be taken to Porto Empedocle which is in Southern mainland Sicily."
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