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Posted by Kaylee K on Friday, September 16, 2011 Under: Italy
How do you prepare for a vision from God? As John and I get the details worked out for our trip to Italy where we will spend time with 5 ministries in 4 cities learning how they help refugees and discovering the needs and challenges of the refugees in that country, I feel something is missing. I can pack the clothes, remember the bible, take the camera, include the journal, but what do I pack that will set us up well to receive a vision from God of how He wants us to serve in Italy long term? After all, that is our goal for our trip -- to understand the call He put on our heart 4 years ago; to know what is next; to realize His vision so that we may act on it.

So, what if it doesn't come? What if we get there and interact with amazing people, help where we can, and feel totally jazzed, overwhelmed, loved and challenged -- all the great things about mission work -- but we still don't know what's next? What if we wrap up the last 3 days of the trip with time alone, together, with God, to process as we've planned and we don't know the vision? Is there anything I can pack that will ensure the outcome is what we want: Vision?

And, if the vision doesn't come, how do we face our supporters? If we can't say, "Here are the next steps.... See, it really was worth sending us!", then what?

Wow, it is so much easier once good work has been achieved to look backwards and see the path taken and acknowledge the value of the steps filled with "what ifs?" and the actions that were inspired by faith not certainty. But looking at the path ahead when starting a new work is so intimidating.

I know that God is the one who makes the plans. And, I truly believe His plans and His timing are perfect (Jer 29:11-14). I just don't know how to prepare to receive a vision or to not receive a vision that is anticipated. My prayer is that God prepare our hearts for whatever He will do in Italy and, in His timing, we will understand the value of this current step in His bigger picture.

Hmmm....I think I will need to pack patience, hope and faith.

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