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The Peace Between Film Project
Coming in March, this documentary features three vignettes of local people (in The Netherlands, Hungary and France) developing friendships with refugees who have arrived in their towns. It is a candid view of what it means to be a neighbor, and what cross-cultural friendships may look like.
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We are privileged to be a small sponsor of this film, and also to help develop the materials churches will use to open dialogue around this topic as well as to dig into what the Bible says.
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Upcoming Events

European Roundtable - Refugee Highway Partnership (RHP), 5-9 Feb 2018
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Programs in Development

We continually work with our network members in Europe to understand needs, identify gaps and build relationships with NGOs, government, businesses, educators, and associations. In this process, we work together to share resources as well as launch new programs to help the refugee youth we care for. The following are in development:
  • Education Portal
  • Business Incubator
  • Trauma Care Through the Arts
  • Refugee Youth Bible Study

Please email us for updates or to join in these projects.